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To book a consultation with one of our dedicated staff and to see how we can provide help to you or your business, please contact us on 07 3431 4679

Our Services:


CCTV & Alarm Systems

Businesses have limited knowledge to the advantages of a CCTV system, a common misconception is a CCTV system is only used as a crime deterrent and/or spying equipment. This is far from the fact, the main use of CCTV systems is to cover the business from incorrect work procedures, bullying and work place harassment issues and false workers compensation claims also. Having a CCTV system and alarm system installed in your workplace/residence may actually decrease your insurance premiums for the above mentioned scenarios and also crime fighting.


We have access to many different brands to suit the application and budget required to give a solid solution that works how it is intended first time. 


Audio Visual

There are so many types of audio visual installations. From televisions, projectors and integrated audio systems. We are able to help with all your requirements and help to model your new audio visual installation to one that suits its environment and application. Over time we have realised there is no such thing as an easy audio visual installation that's what we bring to the table in this area, we are easily able to modify and think outside the box to get around tricky installations.



We are able to help with any telecommunications installation, from installing telephone cabling from Main Distribution Frames, connecting lines to tenancies and main communications rooms, and installing and maintaining old and new Samsung and Commander style telephone systems. We are able to help re-organise and maintain data cabinets to ensure a tidy installation and ease of identification.


Data - Fibre Cabling Solutions

Data and fibre cabling is a fine art and when an electrician says they can do data/fibre cabling they often don't understand the intricacies of keeping the integrity of the cable. Incorrect installation and termination procedures lead to a degradation of the through put of the cabling. This is the backbone to a fast network and must be treated with the respect it deserves. We at SDC know these intricacies and take pride in the work and outcome not just in the installation of the cabling but also to outcome of the entire project.


We are able to install everything from the cable support systems required, all the way to the data cabinets and switch hardware that are required to make the solution a solid and dependable part of your business. We can supply and install the cable management and patch leads required in the data cabinets themselves and any specific outlets and plate combination for the end user. All cabling will be tested and can offer compliance if required, the final outcome will be labelled clearly and easy to upgrade in the future.

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